Pharmacy House

Soproni Múzeum - Patika-házThe demolition of the Pharmacy House was prevented by King Louis II by a Royal Prohibition Letter referring to the unity of the main square of Sopron. Now stored in the Archives, this Prohibition Letter is the first document of monument protection of the country and the pride of the inhabitants of Sopron. From the middle of the 17th century the so-called “Angel Pharmacy” functioned in the building. From that time on, pharmacist and physician families lived here. The Pharmacy House collects the finest furnishings and rare pharmaceutical books of the historical pharmacies, like the “Angel Pharmacy”, the “Black Elephant”, the “Golden Eagle”, and the “Golden Lion”.

One of the most famous resident of the Pharmacy House was Adam Gensel (1677-1720), physician meteorologist who had discovered during his work the effects of the weather fronts on the human body. The building was a legged house until its expansion in the 18th century, the facade was removed and the corridor was built in.

The house got its present form in 1850. After the 1966-67’s restoration, the monument became a pharmacy museum. The collection, as the country’s first museum of pharmacy, opened on 11 June 1968.

Soproni Múzeum

The Pharmacy Museum consists of two adjoining rooms. Opposite to the entrance the old pharmacy room’s furniture can be seen, with its desk drawers and its beautiful containers origins from the beginning of the 19th century. While compiling the collection the main aim was firstly to restore the internal image of the former pharmacy and on the other hand, to introduce many other pharmaceutical and medical memories of Sopron. The Museum also preserves interesting medical and pharmaceutical books from the 16-17th centuries.

Opening Hours:

      January-March:     closed
      April-October: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-14.00
      November-December: closed
      On Mondays the exhibition is closed.

Soproni Múzeum

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